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At Mile Oak, we provide children with a range of exciting, engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences which enable them to develop their scientific skills.

We aim to harness children's innate curiosity and enthusiasm for Science. We will provide them with fun, practical and meaningful lessons where every child is challenged and supported to reach their full potential. We want children to Think Big which includes them generating their own questions and desiging, developing and improving investigations with which to answer them.

We want children to appreciate the value of Science in the wider world and the potential it offers for the future.

Principles of Science

Science is fun

  • All children are engaged in their Scientific learning.
  • Investigations are practical wherever possible.

Children are curious

  • Children's questions drive learning.
  • Children design, develop and improve investigations in order to answer questions.
  • Frequently, "the room falls silent".

Science is important

  • Links are made to how Science is used in the wider world.
  • Thought is given to how Science can shape and improve our world in the future.
  • We engage families to raise the profile of Science.

We are Skilful Scientists

  • Children's scientific skills are developed through engaging investigations.


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