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About FOMO

Who are we?

What do we do?

We help raise much needed funds for our school. The money we raise directly benefits all children in the school and pays for many items and events such as…

  • Subsidising school trips to keep costs to parents down

  •  Buying resources and new equipment for the school

  •  Supplying T-shirts for the school champions (reading, writing, maths and sports)

  • Buying Items and equipment needed for the classrooms

How do we raise funds?

Throughout the year we organise and run fundraising events. Our events raise thousands of pounds for the children of Mile Oak Primary. Sadly, without the funds we raise, the school and our children would miss out. Some of our fundraising events include:

  • Mile Oak Fireworks night

  • The end of term discos

  • Christmas card creations

  • The Christmas and Summer Fairs

  • Quiz nights

How can you help?

Without the support of parents and carers FOMO would cease to exist. We are not asking for a huge commitment - don’t feel that you can’t get involved. Many of our helpers volunteer as and when they are able to. Every effort is much appreciated and helps us to provide more for all of our children at the school.

Could you help out at just one event a year?
Could you do photocopying or leaflet design from home?
If you can’t make events, perhaps you have some great fundraising ideas you could share?
Do you have contacts who could donate gifts or vouchers for our raffles?
Do you have contacts who could supply events or stalls?
Could you sell event tickets one day after school?
Could you wrap presents for Santa?
If you would like to register for our mailing list or are able to offer support please contact us.

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